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Advanced Digital Dentist

Family & Cosmetic Dentistry with a Woman’s Touch!

Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

    Advanced Digital CEREC Dentist

​                               .....with a Woman’s Touch!

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Relax and Experience the Comfort of our Latest Dental Technology. Our focus on prevention will lead to a healthy mouth. Smile more! All phases of general dentistry are available in our friendly  Somerville office.

Treatment Provided Includes:

  • exams                                                                     
  • cleanings
  • digital x-rays
  • sealants
  • tooth colored fillings
  • crowns
  • onlays
  • bonding
  • veneers
  • root canal therapy
  • periodontal care
  • extractions
  • night guards
  • implant restorations
  • fixed bridges
  • dentures and partial dentures
  • whitening treatment
  • smile makeovers

The needs of our patients shape this practice. Our goal is to provide affordable dental care with the latest technology. We will diagnose and discuss treatment options to provide the smile you desire!

Review of your overall health and lifestyle allows Dr. Sloane to develop a treatment plan that addresses your immediate as well as future needs. Paramount to treatment success is patient education and participation in prevention of dental disease. New technology gives you the choice of keeping your teeth a lifetime. This comes with cosmetic benefits as well.  Our cutting edge CEREC technology offers an EXTREME MAKEOVER for your teeth.  CEREC, the acronym for Chairside  Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, allows Dr. Sloane to utilize durable, metal-free ceramic material to restore your damaged teeth.

CEREC technology offers many advantages to our patients.  Dr. Sloane uses an intra-oralcamera to capture an image of your tooth without the need of a messy impression.  Your restoration whether it be a single small filling or multiple crowns is then designed using our 3D windows-based software program and milling completed in-office with our CEREC laboratory technology.  No temporaries.  No second visit required.  The CAD/CAMrestoration is then fitted and bonded in place by Dr. Sloane.  All this in ONE VISIT! Treatment options continue to evolve with implants and multiple crown restorations.

Do you have older fillings that are in need of replacement?  Are you tired of seeing metal in your mouth? Call Dr. Sloane to best determine your treatment needs. Crowns are needed to restore fractured or heavily decayed teeth. Bonding procedures using a curing light to harden natural colored composite material can restore teeth with smaller amounts of decay. Tooth discoloration or color changes under leaking fillings should be evaluated to avoid more involved treatment. Dental sealants can be applied to back teeth with deep groves. Learn about preventative care available to fight decay.

Our patients are concerned about unnecessary radiation. Computed dental radiography uses sensors that require 90% less radiation than conventional film x-rays.  Minimal radiation captures the image and the computer manipulates this instantaneous image. No time spent processing film with hazardous chemicals.  Accuracy is improved and increases diagnostic abilities. Enhancements with magnification and color adjustments are possible. Our Nomad x-ray machine is portable and further reduces exposure time since our dental assistant no longer leaves the room. 

We feature the latest In-Office Whitening Technology! No impressions or messy gels for you to apply day after day. Your gums are protected before we apply a whitening gel to your teeth.  The gel is then exposed to a light which helps achieve the maximum whitening effect.  This popular MAKEOVER for your front teeth that can make your smile look years younger! If tooth position or shape is a concern, consider orthodontics. INVISALIGN, the alternative to metal braces utilizing clear aligners, may be the answer for your smile makeover!

Our patients want the greatest comfort possible during each visit. We feature The Wand in our practice. This is a computerized delivery system for local anesthesia. Our patients say never again to the typical syringe and needle once they have experienced The Wand!

Dr. Sloane is excited about the options today's technology allows her to offer patients.  

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